Gift Vouchers

Buying a Gift Voucher:

Gift Vouchers at our Massey Clinic;  Once you have purchased your gift voucher, please print, or email the voucher to the person you are gifting it to.

It’s stored on our booking system under your name BUT please add their details in the notes, with a mobile number, if possible. This means, that if the voucher is going to expire, we can get in touch with someone to remind them.

In the case of a voucher being lost, or email accidentally deleted, we can still redeem the voucher for you with no problem based on the payment received and date paid.

Our vouchers are non-refundable, but they are transferable AND we happily extend expiry dates (Keep in mind our treatment prices will go up each year in line with the cost of living). We feel vouchers are too expensive to just “lose” so for example, in 3 years your voucher amount is still valid however, our treatment prices may have increased in the meantime.

Please note, that if any vouchers brought online via PayPal are refunded for any reason, then you are liable as the buyer to finish paying.