Covid Information and Procedures


When able to open, the methods in place to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19 are

  • Protocols and procedures will be in place following any Massage New Zealand and government guidelines.
  • Due to constant regulation changes, see my Facebook Page West Auckland Massage Clinic (website changed periodically).
  • Health check in prior to your massage.
  • While at Red and Amber lights you do need to have your Vaccine Passport scanned, and at Green anyone can come in, Compulsory Mask wearing and optional QR checking in.
  • On arrival a non-contact forehead thermometer test.
  • Masks worn in and out by clients, and when face up! Exemptions no problem but evidence needs to be provided.
  • I wear a N95 Mask all the time.
  • I have two treatment rooms with excellent window ventilation and I alternate between both at restrictive times.
  • I have a standalone water cooler, tap dispenser and disposable paper cups.
  • The protocols in place will protect us all and will ALWAYS be delivered.
  • My background includes 7 years of aged care, respite nursing, and so implementing universal precautions is natural for me.
  • I have a very high sense of responsibility and care as the sole business owner & operator.